Diesel – Heating Oil – Vegetable Oil – Waste Vegetable Oil – Pyrolysis Oil

ATG MULTIFUEL 3SP power generator - off-grid power supply

Oil crisis and power blackouts are no horror scenarios but real threats which we can be exposed to anytime. The worldwide shortage of resources, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, hacker attacks as well as pandemics, strikes, riots and civil commotions endanger more and more the supply of oil and electricity. Imagine what can happen within a few hours of a power cut.

off-grid energy supply

The ATG MULTIFUEL 3SP emergency generator is the perfect device for crisis prevention! In case of emergency the portable 3 kW genset allows to operate all important electrical equipment independent from your energy provider: central heating systems, cooling and freezer devices, pumps, electrical tools, electric lighting, home appliances, computers and office equipment, … – everywhere electrical energy is required.

straight and waste vegetable oil

Already some bottles of vegetable oil from the next supermarket can help out, because the 1-cylinder multi-fuel engine is a true talent which accepts beside common diesel fuel also heating oil, straight vegetable oil (SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO/UCO).

The soundproof genset is delivered ready-to-operate and can be started at the push of a button. Due to low dimensions the required space is less than 0.5 sqm.




Power generator 3 kW 230 V / 50 Hz

The power generator ATG MULTIFUEL 3SP is equipped with a multi-fuel engine, which can be operated with diesel, heating oil, straight vegetable oil (rapeseed oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, copra oil, corn oil, soy bean oil, palm oil, jatropha oil, …), cleaned waste vegetable oil or pyrolysis oil. The soundproof and portable genset is ideal qualified for off-grid power generation, for emergency applications in home or commercial use or as support for PV systems with battery storage. The delivery is oil-filled and ready for operation including a detailed user and service manual.

Generator type1-phase synchronous generator
Nominal voltage230 V 1-phase
Nominal frequency50 Hz
Maximum power3.0 kVA / 3.0 kW
Continuous power2.8 kVA / 2.8 kW
Power factorcos phi 1.0
Voltage regulationautomatic voltage regulator (AVR)
Engine type1-cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled, direct injection, 3000 rpm
Starting systemelectric start incl. maintenance-free starter battery 12V/22Ah and rope start
Diesel tank12 liters
Veg oil (SVO/WVO), Heating oil tank12 liters (external, included in delivery)
Fuel consumption0% load (idle) 0.5 l/h, 50% load 1.0 l/h, 100% load 1.3 l/h
Emission classStage-V, EU/2016/1628
Exhaust diameter32 mm OD (outer diameter)
Control / display panel2x power socket 230V/16A, start-/stop-key switch, digital meter with display of voltage, frequency and operating hours, AC-circuit breaker, DC-output 12V78A, DC-circuit breaker, display for oil pressure-alert
AlarmLow oil pressure alert (automatic engine stop)
Wheelsetoptionally available for self-assembly
DimensionsL 72 x W 48 x H 77 (incl. external tank) cm
Weight105 kg
Noise levelLWA 96 dB(A) / 75 dB @ 7m, soundproof
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.DE 72962165

A current data sheet can be downloaded here: ATG-MULTIFUEL-3SP-Power-Generator-EN.PDF